YMCA Trinity Group

Queen Anne House is owned and operated by YMCA Trinity Group, a local charity that has been at the heart of community transformation in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk since 1852. Above all, our focus is on building proactive and sustainable communities with an emphasis on supporting young people and helping them to realise their full potential on their journey to independence.

YMCA Trinity Group is also proud to be part of a global family, operating in over 140 countries, forming the world’s oldest and largest youth charity.

In addition to providing student accommodation at QAH, we focus our work in five key areas. To find out more, visit the pages below:


Transforming communities, inspiring young lives

Skills Builder

YMCA Trinity Group work with the Skills Builder Partnership to support residents at Queen Anne House with tools and resources so they can learn and develop essential skills at every stage of life.

You may also find their support useful, so feel free to explore their website.